Track Listing
1. Can I live (Promo)
2. I Really Mean It (Promo)
3. Blaxploitation
4. WRSU Radio Interview
5. A Day In The Life
6. Give Me Your Love (Promo)
7. The Set Up (Promo) feat. Smarty Pants
8. Paradise Lost
9. If You Only Knew feat. Hi-Coup
10. If You Only Knew feat. Bad Sport
11. It's Obvious
12. WBAI Radio Interview
13. Hezbollah feat. Bad Sport
14. The Realist feat. Bad Sport
15. 5th Column
16. Corona feat. Smarty Pants
17. Speak The Truth
18. Jummah feat. The Planets & Reefali
19. Get That Freestyle
20. WRSU Interview w/ Nicole Brielle
21. Middleway Passage feat. Epitome
22. Politic With The Prophets
23. Why Don't We Fall In Love (Promo)
24. Bad Man (Promo)
25. Ace of Spades Outro