The Holy Land

It has been a lifelong dream of mine to make it to the Holy Land. It has been an honor so far to be welcomed in Palestine amongst some of the neighborhoods that people are told never to go. I have witnessed some of the worst crimes against humanity here. I will be posting videos and pictures of the atrocities committed by the state of Israel against the Palestinian people...

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My Mother's A Clown!

Happy Bornday to my Mother best known as MamaLady or Mama M. My Mother started clowning at hospitals and community events when my Grandmother passed away. Her character "Honey" a fashionista wore my Grandmothers bonafide church lady hats and accessories. Bringing hope and smiles to people is what she's always done. From the Howard Players to the Peace Corps., ....

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Father's Day

My father gave me this 6 month old magazine he ripped from a doctors office for my bornday after calling me on the wrong day. There have been years he missed it all together. Anyone with a family member dealing with substance abuse issues knows the in and out nature of these relationships. Funny thing is in some warped and twisted way, this liberated ESPN The Magazine with whoever's real address missing from the bottom left corner is a microcosm of my interaction with my pops....

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GeeGee was the foundation of my family. The qualities she possessed are evident in all of the generations to follow. She settled our family in Camden, New Jersey in the early 1900s. GeeGee started out as a domestic worker in other people's homes. She translated that to opening her own soul food kitchen in Philly with her famous crab cakes and other recipes. She also worked her way up from housekeeping to being the 1st Black Woman to be a Component Tester at RCA......

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Jericho Phillip Pannell was killed by Officer Gary Spath when I was 10 years old in Teaneck, New Jersey. Phillip's cousin and the daughter of the cop’s partner were both in my class. Phillips cousin and I were bussed to "The White Side" of town. Blockbusting real estate in this community in the 1960s led to a very segregated town; the busing of students was done to “desegregate” a community with growing racial tensions....

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Africa Journal Entries

Woke up in the Motherland for the 1st time today from what was the best sleep i've gotten in a minute. For all of yall who know me, i don't sleep much. Last night we arived an hour before sunrise, stepping off the plane humidity in the air wrapped it's arms around me like a welcome home hug from Mama Africa herself.....

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