Music Is My Weapon

Track Listing
1. .1911 (Prod. by Ari Why)
2. Musical Chairs (Feat. Baron / Prod. by Llama Beats)
3. Shining (Feat. Steele, Reef The Lost Cauze & Chace Infinite / Prod. by Crossbone T)
4. Chaos Theory (Prod. by 2Deep)
5. The Letter (Feat. Eternia & Range Da Messenga / Prod. by Jim B)
6. AK-47 (Prod. by Niroshima Beats)
7. All Roads Lead Home (Feat. One Eyed Kings / Prod. by Mr. Bostic)
8. Miss America (Feat. DJ GI Joe / Prod. by Snowgoons)
9. Music Is My Weapon (Prod. by DJ Insite)
iTunes Review
For conscious rap fans who miss the gold ol' days of Brand Nubian, X-Clan, and Public Enemy, Hasan Salaam is here for you. A proud Muslim from New Jersey, he's been bubbling up for the past eight years, dropping several quality projects including Paradise Lost, Children of God, and Tales of the Lost Tribe: Hidden Jewels. Down with the 5th Column crew, he rhymes extensively about his faith, corruption in government, and socioeconomic issues affecting the community. Closer in style to Immortal Technique and KRS than the mellower vibe of Mos Def or Talib, he has a deep voice and direct flow that jumps through the speakers and demands to be heard. Production is a refreshingly original mix of rugged beat breaks and well-placed samples, supporting on-point lines like "I rock and roll for the soul of my ancestors and built my dynasty without the Masonic hand gestures / yeah, this is church right here / young, black, don't give a f*ck, America's nightmare." Check out "Shining" (with Steele, Chace Infinite, and Reef the Lost Cauze), "Chaos Theory," and the melancholy head-banger "All Roads Lead Home."