My Mother's A Clown!
By Hasan Salaam

mother Happy Bornday to my Mother best known as MamaLady or Mama M.

My Mother started clowning at hospitals and community events when my Grandmother passed away. Her character "Honey" a fashionista wore my Grandmothers bonafide church lady hats and accessories. Bringing hope and smiles to people is what she's always done.

From the Howard Players to the Peace Corps., Civil Rights Sit Ins to building The Paterson Healthy Heart and Asthma Project in Washington Heights. She taught me about community organizing, social responsibility and taking a stand for what is right. She also taught me how to ride a bike despite never riding one herself; "get up and ride again" she said. She encourages everyone she meets to be the best human being they can be with her determination, will power and overall love of life.

It's said that before we are born,we choose our parents and if this is true my 1st decision is still my best.

Love you Mama.