Paradise Lost

Track Listing
1. Paradise Lost (Premonition) 00:46
2. Diaspora 03:41
3. Blaxploitation 03:37
4. Eternal Life Skit ft. Hicoup & Sundiata 00:41
5. Fountain Of Youth Ft. Baron Of Red Clay 04:45
6. The Blues 03:42
7. 1 Life To Give F. Nana Soul 03:38
8. Affair To Remember 04:39
9. Concrete Water Colors F. Hicoup 04:28
10. Boom Bap 04:39
11. Allegro 02:50
12. Hezbollah 03:42
13. Born To A Tomb 04:44
14. The Drinking Gourd 04:48
15. Prayer Of A Sinner (Bonus Track) 03:41

Prayer of A Sinner
Prayer of A Sinner
Written by: Hasan Salaam
(Produced by: Craig Rip)

Smoke too many Newports
Plus attend too many court dates to cool off
Been with too many women in sin
Committing too much adultery
Not to have a Queen and seed to hold close to me
Been a while since I listened to the Lord when he spoke to me, I seem to just live for today
Was born to decay and don't do my best to pray five times a day
Gotta get saved, but who knows if Allah will forgive my ways
Played too many $2 bottles of E&J and Cognac, blunt wraps, rolled with haze
Made more mistakes than most
And at this point it seems like a waste to try and shake my ghost
Most of my life never loved myself
And that lead me to scaring and drugging myself
Lately I been wondering about my brother's health
Cuz we too stubborn to ask one another for help
So we just wait for the outcome and act on stealth
I laugh to keep from crying
Insomniac don't sleep like it'll actually aide in the fight to keep me from dying
Fear of failure never kept me from trying
High school drop out, Mom's house kicked out
My slick mouth had a knack for startin' beef just to bring them fists out
Took that slick route on a quest for papers and wound up in places
Where angels sold their wings for the worst disgraces
I'm not your basic
So I really don't give a fuck if I don't happen to make your radio playlist
Tryin' to find a way to rhyme all my problems gone and extend my arms
To cradle the soul of my children that never made this world born
Tryna brush the dust off my holy Qur'an
These ain't just songs, these are prayers from a sinner
Who might see paradise in a dream but probably never get to enter
See I wrestle with the devil to control my temper
That tempest is buried inside every one of us
And that temptress is looking to screw the strength out of every last one of us
It's too easy for this world to get the best of us
I got a knack for fucking up, never felt that I was owed
Any results from the blessings bestowed
Grown from a boy to a man, so I'm ready if tomorrow is finally the end of my road
Let truth be told
Y'all don't hear me, you feel me
A glimpse of hope in the eye of the tired and weary
The will to survive make me see things clearly
First was the word and if life is a test
Hope we graded on a curve 'cuz we weak in the flesh
Most seek treasure's of fools gold and will never understand the meaning of X
I speak from the chest, all I want is to be free and the relief from the stress
So if that means death, I'mma be my own Savior
Just had to speak my peace before I meet my maker...
I just had to speak my peace before I meet my maker....