The Holy Land, Part 2
By Hasan Salaam

Hebron has a history. In 1994 a Jewish "settler" from Brooklyn named Baruch Goldstein entered the Ibrahimi Mosque armed with a Galil assault rifle and opened fire. It was early morning during Ramadan the Muslims holy month and the place was packed. He killed 29 people and injured over a hundred, he was caught by worshipers and beaten to death. Today the legacy of that fatal day is felt with every turn and on every face in the city. Military checkpoints, blockades and a wall stand as a shameful reminder of the apartheid state Israel rules with impunity.
What was once a thriving marketplace has given way to a cage in which Palestinian shop owners are harassed by Israeli settlers from the buildings above. Fencing was installed above the marketplace to catch items thrown down on to the shop owners. Once the fencing went up settlers started throwing dirty water, urine and in some cases snakes. Inside the cities center is Shuhada' Street. This street is now a ghost town. One side is a check point, complete with fascist armed guard. The other side is Ibrahimi Mosque which since that mass murder has been divided 65% Jewish and 35% Muslim. Between point A and point B are homes mostly abandoned but the Palestinians who still live in what is a Jewish settlement are subject to constant harassment and attacks on both their bodies and their homes. holy-land-1
Above are Israeli kids playing soccer on their own special private court. Below Palestinian kids play with what they have amongst the barbed wire and barricades put up by the Israeli government and trash thrown at them by settlers.

What hope does the future have if our children can't even play together in peace? When they have to be separated by barbed wire, walls and fences. When one child has more than, a better opportunity to do something with their lives in this world based on the color of their skin, their religious practice, where they live or their parents socio-economic background. Racism and classism separate children, something that they wouldn't do on their own. Adults fuck up their lives before they even get a chance to live them. Free Palestine.

Free The People. Free The Land.


holy-land-2 Bullet proof glass next to Ibrahim/Abraham's grave site in case settlers shoot into Ibrahimi Mosque.

holy-land-3 Both Muslims & Jews believe that Ibrahimi Mosque houses the earthly remains of Abraham(Ibrahim), Sarah, Isaac & Rebecca.

holy-land-4 Checkpoint at one end of Shuhada' St.

holy-land-5 Fencing above the marketplace to catch items thrown down on to Palestinians by Israeli Settlers. Once the fencing went up settlers started throwing urine.