The Holy Land, Part 3
By Hasan Salaam

Today I attended the funeral for 1 year old Ali Dawabshe a child burnt beyond recognition in Duma, Palestine last night. The result of a Molotov cocktail thrown threw his families window. This homemade bomb also contained specific chemicals to make the fire burn hotter so that it could melt metal. The funeral was painful. Burying ones child is every parents nightmare, but today both parents were unable to be there. They are fighting for their lives in the hospital.

holy land part 3(1)
In this small village of Duma I saw the home of a young Mother and Father who were raising 2 sons. A baby carriage sits in the living room surrounded by smoke and fire stained furniture. Broken windows where the Molotov was thrown in, baby clothes blackened and suit peeling from the walls of Ali and Ahmed's room. Now a Mother, Father along with their 4 year old Ahmed are in critical condition with burns over most of their bodies and Ali the youngest is dead.

holy land part 3(2)
The smell of burnt plastic, chemicals and charred remains attack your senses. A large puddle of water in the entrance where signs of a struggle for life are evident. A flipped table and broken dishes; It burns your eyes to look and nose to smell. It destroys your heart and confuses the mind to know what happened here.

holy land part 3(3)
What kind of a coward attacks babies while they sleep?

holy land part 3(4)

The words "revenge" and "long live the king messiah" are written in Hebrew on walls next to the 2 houses set ablaze in the middle of the night. Bystanders said the attackers watched as the Mother ran out of her house on fire.

This community has been under attack by Israeli "settlers" for years on end. Children snatched, homes attacked, olive trees burned. This is all part of the apartheid state that is Israel's tactics, terrorism. Destroy all hope in the people by scorching the earth, cutting them off from resources, mass incarceration, drone strikes into residential neighborhoods, more unlawful "settlements" and the murder of children.

holy land part 3(5)
The world has sat back and watched as Israel stole the Palestinians land. Watched as civilians were bombed in Gaza. Watched as "settlers" have attacked Palestinian civilians. How long will the world watch and do nothing? At some point there will be nothing left to watch.

My prayers are with the Dawabshe family.

"Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere" -Martin Luther King Jr.