The Holy Land, Part 1
By Hasan Salaam

holy-land-part-1It has been a lifelong dream of mine to make it to the Holy Land. It has been an honor so far to be welcomed in Palestine amongst some of the neighborhoods that people are told never to go. I have witnessed some of the worst crimes against humanity here. I will be posting videos and pictures of the atrocities committed by the state of Israel against the Palestinian people.

I have seen the truest strength of the human spirit and the most disgusting aspects of what people do to other people and the use of religion for genocide.

I have already been detained by border control and called a nigger in 3 languages.

I have seen The Dome of The Rock and prayed in the Mosque that houses the graves of Abraham, Sarah, Isaac & Rebecca. It is also the Mosque where 29 Palestinians were killed while praying more than 150 injured and 6 more people killed at the hospital.

I will convey all of these powerful moments whenever possible.

#NewJerusalemInJerusalem #FREEPalestine #DomeOfTheRock #ExistenceIsResistance #Freedom #Justice #Equality #PEACE